The CRE Project

Clayton King and Gannon Coffman

The CRE Project Podcast is a educational and informative platform for Commercial Real Estate Professionals. Whether you’re just getting into the CRE business or you’re a veteran in the industry, The CRE Project will benefit your practice in the CRE Field. We interview seasoned developers, brokers and professionals that have been successful in the CRE industry.

October 27, 2022x
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Everything You Need to Know About the 1031 Exchange

The 1031 Exchange is one of the most effective and commonly used tools in the the Commercial Real Estate ...

August 26, 2022x
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Have Skin in the Game, Overcommunicate and Understand Risk w/ Ed Cross

In this episode we sit down with a true commercial real estate Pioneer, Ed Cross. Ed is an influential de...

August 01, 2022x
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Developing Multifamily, Industrial and TRUST! w/ Ben Spencer and Kurt Browning

In this episode we sit down with the two most dominant and well known multifamily and industrial develope...

June 15, 2022x
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Credit Unions vs Banks w/ Mark Ritter

Mark Ritter is the CEO of MBFS and an expert in credit unions and business lending. His primary role at M...

April 18, 2022x
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How to Invest in CRE with Crypto - Michael Flight

In this episode, we sit down with Michael Flight, the founder and CEO of Liberty Fund and host of the Not...

April 11, 2022x
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Urban Redevelopment/Reuse with Tyler Cauble

Tyler Cauble is Founding Principal and President of The Cauble Group. He's a native Nashvillian that has ...